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Ava wins Eian Prentice Memorial Medal

We were due to attend one of our favourite galas back in November - the Eian Prentice Memorial Gala, hosted by our friends at Fauldhouse Swimming Club. Unfortunately it had to be cancelled like so many others this year.

What a lovely surprise though, to receive a package from Fauldhouse containing a medal, voucher and certificate to mark their gala, and a request for our coaches to choose a worthy recipient.

Ava (pictured) is our chosen recipient of the Eian Prentice Memorial COVID Gala medal, voucher & certificate.

She was nominated by her coaches in recognition of the fantastic improvements she has made in her swimming, her determination (even training with a broken hand!) and for being an excellent team member who always looks after new members of the squad.

Very well done Ava, and thank you to our friends at Fauldhouse. A lovely touch in a difficult year for all swimming clubs.

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